Chimiométrie 2013 Brest

The French Chemometrics Group (Groupe Français de Chimiométrie (GFC)).

Under the aegis of 
the French Society of Statistics (Société Française de Statistique (SFdS)). 

Has the honour to announce it will hold his yearly congress Chimiométrie 2013 in Brest.
The 25
th and 26thSeptember 2013.


  • This congress will gather people from the university and the industries to discuss the recent advances of Chemometrics, from the collection of information as efficiently and precisely as possible, to data analysis and data modelling.
  • This congress has gathered theoreticians and experimenters from all fields since many years. It has the objective to promote the use of Chemometrics beyond the application of Statistics in Chemistry.
  • It is a privileged place for meetings and exchanges, which are an opportunity for people from the university and the industries to communicate, based on their experiences, their concerns and/or their current and future needs.






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